New Projects!

We’ve added new projects to the website, including the Marine Butterfly, a beautiful beginner’s goldwork kit. You might like to take a look! It’s a great price too.


Comments on: "New Projects!" (4)

  1. The kits are beautiful and so unuual. I have made a number of them and enjoy the mix of stitching styles. Lilac Time is a wonderful design, as is Fantasia. I worked the Jacobean Fantasy design on black velvet and it looks fabulous. HIghly reccommend these kits!

  2. Sally I am so pleased that you are enjoying stitching these designs!
    There are a couple more exciting designs just around the corner, including an incredible Egyptian Frieze.
    Thank you very much for being in touch.

  3. Just to let you know that there are some wonderful new kits on our website. Also this month a special offer of a free harp CD with every order of $150 or over. Harp Creations is 22 beautiful and classic tracks, played for you by the Principal Harpist of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.
    Hope you are enjoying your stitching!

  4. Have you had a chance to check out the new range of Sadi Maypole threads? I have some shade cards if you want to se ethem close up but there are great shots on the Rajmahal Web Site too.
    We are having a ball including them in new designs.

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